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Happy Monday!

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Hello and Welcome,

Well, I had a good weekend. Hope you did too! I think there was a game on or something?

On Friday I hosted a PTO event for my sons’ Middle School, Parent/Child Volleyball. Me, my husband and our two sons played volleyball for two hours with other families. All the while my daughter watched. She’s a trooper. Never complains about being dragged to all of her brother’s activities.

So..  On Saturday, it was Queen for the day! She ran the Gierek Family. She chose lunch, dinner, activities and picked the movie.  We made a Mexican Ice Cream dessert she’s been begging me to make and we all enjoyed Hotel for Dogs.

I really enjoyed my family weekend. I missed the Super Bowl because I was updating the web. GO Giants!!

How was your weekend?

Is there a discussion you want to start?

Talk with you soon.

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